Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Slip Lock Prowlers - mini Planing Floats

This Prowler rigging is absolutely the most user friendly and versatile.  It uses a Slip Lock system patented by the owner of  http://www.clearlyoutdoors.com/slip_lock_bobbers and I am hoping we can work out an agreement. The slip lock system is the most universal user friendly rigging method ever made. I cut the ends off of a slip lock bobber and press fit them in the hole of the Prowler. The slip lock and the prowler are both slotted to put on and take off without breaking the line. The slip lock lever has 2 positions for the line, one allows it to slip and the other holds it in place on the line. I always slip rig with the BAD Beads also made by www.clearlyoutdoors.com/bad_beads.  My only other option is to provide pieces of flexible tubing with a slit to get  the same functionality but it is not nearly as user friendly as the Slip Lock System made by Clearly Outdoors.

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