Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's getting better all the time!

This is my latest product development breakthrough in making the Prowler Fishing Floats (Planer Boards with directional control). I added a hole that runs through the keels. If you don't want it to flip move the pan head cap screw from the standard position in the far wing to the appropriate keel!  It is that simple, the weight put on a keel keeps it from flipping. I made the threads loose enough to easily turn the screw with a thumb nail. There were some times when I didn't want it to flip but it happened by accident. I did have some moments where the screw balanced on top and I had to jiggle it to fall over but only when the lure weight was a bit light for the bobber size. The extra holes means I have 3 positions for the screw. I can move it to go left, to go right or to flip when given a little tug. Unfortunately it can still point up in very fast currents instead of planing the preset direction with the screw so it will have a stabilizing hydrofoil to stick in the slot.
Honestly, I think it generally works great without the foil or moving the screw to a keel but there is always a time and place where men want more control...lol. The pegs have holes that can be used for slip rigging.

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