Monday, April 30, 2018

3" Prowler mini planer boards are the BEST

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Like a boat on a rope!

I think I have made Prowler Planers the best it can get. Like fishing in a barrel with a boat on a rope.  They make fishing more fun no matter how you fish. check out
It has every rigging option you could ever want and can do many things you never thought possible.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Prowler Hydrofoil

The hydrofoil is for higher speed currents or trolling.  When currents are way too fast and turbulent you want to ride over them and the foil and light weight foam Prowler will do just that.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's getting better all the time!

This is my latest product development breakthrough in making the Prowler Fishing Floats (Planer Boards with directional control). I added a hole that runs through the keels. If you don't want it to flip move the pan head cap screw from the standard position in the far wing to the appropriate keel!  It is that simple, the weight put on a keel keeps it from flipping. I made the threads loose enough to easily turn the screw with a thumb nail. There were some times when I didn't want it to flip but it happened by accident. I did have some moments where the screw balanced on top and I had to jiggle it to fall over but only when the lure weight was a bit light for the bobber size. The extra holes means I have 3 positions for the screw. I can move it to go left, to go right or to flip when given a little tug. Unfortunately it can still point up in very fast currents instead of planing the preset direction with the screw so it will have a stabilizing hydrofoil to stick in the slot.
Honestly, I think it generally works great without the foil or moving the screw to a keel but there is always a time and place where men want more The pegs have holes that can be used for slip rigging.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ways to put on a bobber???

I am wondering if a spring or pegs are preferred. I can make both but wanted comments. The pegs can be used to hold the line in the slot or can be threaded on the line for slip rigging. The foil goes in the slot. There really isn't any need for a slot on the spring type except to add the hydrofoil.  There would be 6 loose pieces altogether with the pegs system but maybe only one piece for the spring style if I can make a foil that pivots in and out. The only thing I don't like about the spring style is they kink the line creating a week spot.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Slip Lock Prowlers - mini Planing Floats

This Prowler rigging is absolutely the most user friendly and versatile.  It uses a Slip Lock system patented by the owner of and I am hoping we can work out an agreement. The slip lock system is the most universal user friendly rigging method ever made. I cut the ends off of a slip lock bobber and press fit them in the hole of the Prowler. The slip lock and the prowler are both slotted to put on and take off without breaking the line. The slip lock lever has 2 positions for the line, one allows it to slip and the other holds it in place on the line. I always slip rig with the BAD Beads also made by  My only other option is to provide pieces of flexible tubing with a slit to get  the same functionality but it is not nearly as user friendly as the Slip Lock System made by Clearly Outdoors.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Black Night Steelhead Prowler

The Fish Prowler

Prowlers are made of molded high density rigid EPS foam.

Blog Update 10/26/2013

  The Ultimate Steelhead Fishing Float "The Black Foot Prowler".  It takes time to cut slot, drill hole, color the white parts black, add weight, cut out stabilizer, cut and slit tube pegs and package with bobber stops. These are the most advanced Steelhead fishing float ever, from the bank or a boat or wading even if they do look a little rough around the edges...looks aren't as important in a bobber as function.

  Black bobbers catch more Steelhead and I used a black Sharpie to color them only leaving one surface orange and one green for direction detection. Below shows the standard slip rigging assembly & spacing to fish through fast shallows and to get down in slow holes. Flip the bail or back reel when you get wherever you want to start a free drift. Some light jigging or trotting the lure on the drop is good practice. 
 photo eb9b9c6f-c44d-4701-b233-7a5af1c1f1b5_zpsa079e95b.jpg
The price for the the "Black Foot Prowler" is $10 each includes shipping and I will build on demand as time becomes available.  At this point all Prowlers are special order. Let me know what you want
If you want to build your own from scratch for personal use or resale the prices for 10 of the painted bodies without hole or slot are: 10 @ 2" $5.00 10 @ 2.5" $7.50 10 @ 3" $10.00 10 @ 4" $15.00