Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Black Night Steelhead Prowler

The Fish Prowler

Prowlers are made of molded high density rigid EPS foam.

Blog Update 10/26/2013

  The Ultimate Steelhead Fishing Float "The Black Foot Prowler".  It takes time to cut slot, drill hole, color the white parts black, add weight, cut out stabilizer, cut and slit tube pegs and package with bobber stops. These are the most advanced Steelhead fishing float ever, from the bank or a boat or wading even if they do look a little rough around the edges...looks aren't as important in a bobber as function.

  Black bobbers catch more Steelhead and I used a black Sharpie to color them only leaving one surface orange and one green for direction detection. Below shows the standard slip rigging assembly & spacing to fish through fast shallows and to get down in slow holes. Flip the bail or back reel when you get wherever you want to start a free drift. Some light jigging or trotting the lure on the drop is good practice. 
 photo eb9b9c6f-c44d-4701-b233-7a5af1c1f1b5_zpsa079e95b.jpg
The price for the the "Black Foot Prowler" is $10 each includes shipping and I will build on demand as time becomes available.  At this point all Prowlers are special order. Let me know what you want
If you want to build your own from scratch for personal use or resale the prices for 10 of the painted bodies without hole or slot are: 10 @ 2" $5.00 10 @ 2.5" $7.50 10 @ 3" $10.00 10 @ 4" $15.00
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