Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best River Fishing Technique

I ask you to please look at www.bulletbobber.com if you like or ever considered river fishing. You only need to cast the BulletBobber one time and then you can use the current like a stunt kite uses the wind to steer your bait or lure back and forth over an area. Or you can just let the current hold it out from shore like the wind holds a regular kite up in the sky. Like George says “You Can Set It and Forget It”.

The BulletBobber has 4 flutes (2 wings and 2 keels). It has an eccentric or angled hole that runs thru the wings. You thread fishing your line thru the hole and put in a little plastic wedge pin to secure the line and lure to the bait depth you want. After you cast it and the current tightens your line the wings will lay flat on the surface while one of keels digs in making it plane to the left or the right. Here is the real kicker. A flick of the wrist makes it back flip and travel in the opposite direction.

There are 4 sizes in green orange or clear.You will not be disappointed with this product it is simply baffling that it took so long for this wonderfully functional yet simple fishing float design to be accidentally discovered.

Paul Lieb
BulletBobber Enterprises
3586 Wadsworth Rd.
Norton, OH 44203 USA
# 330 825-0479 (no phone orders)
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