Sunday, May 31, 2009

Custom Fishing Lures you can steer

The BulletBobber is a castable mini planer board that FLIPS DIRECTION WITH THE FLICK OF THE WRIST and you can order clear ones to color with Sharpies! There are 4 sizes in green/orange or clear.


This is clear one I colored to my taste! It isn’t hard to do at all.Notice it doesn't have any hooks.


It is really float with directional control and you supply the hook of choice. Use a jig or a weedless hook and worm to fish weed beds.


They are translucent and clear so you can add the light stick for night fishing.

BulletBobber Lure

Here are some thing shore bound fishermen can do.

Photobucket doesn't sell custom colored lures on line because there are so many sides to color and unlimited coloring options. But if you want us to try and color one per your instructions we will give you a quote and a money back guarantee.

Best Fishes,

Paul and Jonathan Lieb
BulletBobber Enterprises
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